Retiring in Las Vegas

Retiring in Las Vegas may not be as difficult as you think. 

Many of my clients are planning ahead by buying their future retirement home as an investment property now and renting it out for the near future maybe as far out as 10 years. In fact, I just did that myself. You can even roll over your IRA into investment real estate today and enjoy the home as your primary residence in the future after retirement. Financial experts say buying your retirement home five to 10 years before you stop working could be beneficial.

When you are ready to retire the home you currently own will in all probably be worth more and will sell as your primary residence so you will save not only taxes on the sale but put cash back into another retirement vehicle. The retirement or vacation home in Las Vegas that you have been renting will now become your primary residence or continue to be your vacation home. Either way you will have the benefits of home ownership in one of the hottest retirement destinations on the planet.

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